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Announcement of contest results!

We are happy to announce the Jury has finally made up their minds and selected the winners of the second edition of FADO Design contest. Below you will find the list of the winners and distinguished artists. Congratultions!

1st place – Tyler Bushnell

2nd place – Severi Uusitalo

3rd place -ex aequo Neja Kaligaro & Krzysztof Zachaj

Distinguished works:

Iza Włodarczak

Bianca Pieri

Wiktor Pernak

We would also like to bestow accolade upon Mr Uusitalo, as his work was the only one technically prepared for production, including all the elements necessary for correct functioning of glass frames.

The second stage of FADO design contest has come to an end!

We would like to thank all participants for participating in the contest. The Jury selected 12 projects, which will be entitled to take part in the final voting. Most distinguished works require some modifications in order to be fully compatible with the DMLS technology (in their current form it would be impossible to built them). In such a case we will be contacting you individually to discuss the required modifications. Below you will find a alphabetical list of names/alias of people, who qualified for the final contest stage:

Bianca Pieri

Edoardo Landi

Federico Bertacchini

Iza Włodarczak

Krzysztof Zachaj

Lea Brugnoli

Lena Marczyńska

Neja Kaligaro

Paulina Olszewska

Severi Uusitalo

Tyler Bushnell

Wiktor Pernak

The projects of authors enlisted above are to be placed in a gallery on our Facebook account. Distinguished submitting parties are kindly asked to send us a single rendering of their work, presenting the object in the most favorable way. The deadline for submitting the renders in Friday 12.00 (02.09.2016). If the renderings are not sent, we will choose a picture from the available materials.
Audience award:

Apart from the main award based on Jury’s decision, additional, Audience Award is to be given on the basis of the number of collected ‚likes’.
People can vote for the best project by clicking like on the specific picture in the gallery. Three contestants with the biggest number of votes will receive a 3D printed model of their projects. The voting will last for a month, from 02.09.2016 to 30.09.2016 till 10.00 pm. After that time no further ‚likes’ will be accepted.

The Contest application period has come to an end!

Thank you for your projects, some of them look really impressive! The projects will be now sent to the Jury. Below you will find a fragment of Terms & Conditions dociument with the revised dates regarding the further Contest stages.

I. All submitted projects will be verified and evaluated by the Jury in accordance with the criteria given in § 5. The list of participants qualified for the next stage of the contest will be published on 31th August. The date is a subject to change depending on the numer of submitted projects.

II. Three winners of the Contest will be chosen out of the Contestants selected to take part in the II stage. The Jury will announce the results no later than 30.09.2016.

III. Parallel to the Jury award, the Organizer will give Audience prize. The winner of the Audience award will be chosen from a group of  distinguished participants on the basis of the number of votes collected  in a survey at Facebook account of FADO Design. The voting will last from 31.08.2016 to 30.09.2016

Project submission deadline extended

Due to a mistake in the polish version of the contest terms & conditions (there were 2 deadlines in the pdf version of the downloadable pdf document) a decision was made to extend the deadline till July 30th. We apologise for the inconvenience and thank those who sent their projects in accordance with the original deadline.

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