1st edition of the Contest is over!

Due to the fact our request for votes verification has not been investigated by the Facebook admins , a decision was made to accept the voting results from February 15th in their unchanged form. The number of collected votes was checked at 10.00 pm, below you will find the results for three projects with the highest number of votes. Congratulations!

K. Frajman

J. Rajs

N. Kosciniski

Special prize of the organizer granted!

We are happy to announce the Jury has unanimously selected three projects, which we decided to award with a special, additional prize of the contest organiser. The winning contestants are:

1st place – Landi Edoardo – 1000 euro prize, apprenticeship at FADO

2nd place – Nicholas Kościński – apprenticeship at FADO

3d place – Dawid Dubanosow – apprenticeship at FADO

The voting time is over!

We would like to thank all participants for your involvement in the event.
Due to the fact that the results were questioned by some of the contestants (there were accusations of purchasing likes), a decision was made to turn to Facebook admin in order to determine if such complaints are legitimate.
In order not to increase the tension in connection with the winner of the competition, we decided to extend the contest formula and give additional prize based on the choice of Jury. The results will be given to you by the end of this week.
Voting results will be officially announced as soon as we receive some statement from the Facebook administrator.

The second stage of contest has come to an end!

We would like to thank all participants for participating in the contest. The level of submitted works was really high. After a few days of fierce discussions, the Jury selected 25 projects, which will be entitled to take part in the final stage of the contest.
During selection a decision was made to exclude all the projects which were incomplete. Some of the submitted works, despite being visually attractive, could be manufactured more easily and cheaply with conventional production methods. In such a case projects were also rejected.
Practically all distinguished works require some modifications in order to be compatible with the DMLS technology (in current form it would be impossible to built them), therefore the jury decided to distinguish the works on condition the authors introduce project modifications in accordance to our recommendations. Lack of changes will mean project rejection, regardless of the number of collected votes.
Below you will find a alphabetical list of names/alias of people, who qualified for the final contest stage:
1. Amal A-Sahari
2. Andrzej Bożek
3. Bianka Pieri
4. Bucci Eleonora
5. Ceccarelli Valentina
6. Daria Joanna
7. Davide Mehdi Duranti
8. Dawid Dubanosow
9. E. Gizowska
10. Linda Quattrini
11. Issota Ludovicca
12. Iza Włodarczyk
13. Jakub Kozłowski
14.Jarosław Hamryszczak
15. Julia Rajs
16. Katarzyna Giedroyć
17. Koen Fraijman
18. Landi Edoardo
19. Marek Dębicki
20. Matteo Berardi
21. Michelle Della Cuna
22. Misso Luca
23. Nicholas Kościński
24. Saskia Wojtalewicz
25. TAN XIN Qing
The projects of authors enlisted above are to be placed in a gallery on our Facebook account. Distinguished submitting parties are kindly asked to send us a single rendering of their work, presenting the object in the most favorable way. The deadline for submitting the renders in Monday 9.00 (18.01.2016). If the renderings are not sent, we will choose a picture from the available materials.
People can vote for the best project by clicking like on the specific picture in the gallery. The work which collects the biggest number of ‚likes’ wins. The voting will last for a month, from 18.01.2016 to 15.02.2016 till 10.00 pm. After that time no further ‚likes’ will be accepted.
At the turn of February/March we are planning a second edition of the contest. Stay tuned!

The first stage of contest has come to an end!

We are happy to say your interest in the contest has surpassed our expectations, we received more than 150 projects. Due to such a huge number of projects, them Jury will need more time to verify and choose the ones that will take part in the online voting stage. The verdict should be ready by the end of next week. Stay tuned!