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    3D Printing Contest – 2nd Edition

If you are a creative person and have a great idea for attractive and exceptional project of a eyeglass frames, take part in the contest!

How to send a file?

Projects together with filled in forms can be sent to info@fado-design.com (via e-mail or  www.wetransfer.com) until 30.06.2016r.  Submitting a project means acceptance of the Contest terms and conditions.


How should I start?

There are some key basic rules that must be applied while designing. Below you will find its short description – design guidelines.


Download files:

/ Terms & Conditions
/ Application Form

design guidelines

grubosc scianki


Minimum wall thickness for DMLS technology is 0.4mm. It allows for creation of precise geometries. Due to heat conductivity effect, the amount of energy transmitted by a laser beam melts a bit more powder than the focal length of beam diameter.

CAUTION – When creating part walls pay attention to make them complete. Walls with zero thickness will be skipped during printing.



Utilisation of space available on the building platform influences  production costs. The more parts we place on the platform, the cheaper a single part becomes.

If a part is too big to place it in the building platform (250x250x290), it has to be sliced into smaller elements, which are assembled afterwards.



DMLS technology allows for high precision of printed parts. When designing convexities and concavities in the form of writing or logotypes, we need to remember about its proper sizes to guarantee readability. The minimum size is 0,3mm.



When building movable components, such as chains, lattices or hinges, we need to remember about retaining the minimum distance between neighbouring walls, which is 0,5mm.  It is the minimum value that enables support structure removal and prevents walls from being sintered to each other.



Some types of geometries, such as round holes, generate higher costs. Wide angle require supporting structures. Sometimes it is enough to place a model horizontally on the building platform, but it in the case of more complex models, changing the geometry of the hole thus reducing the angle between walls might be required

Model complexity does not influence the cost of a part.

Each model geometry – especially holes and indentations, must be considered individually in terms of supporting structures and part positioning in order to minimise the production costs.



Part walls do not require supporting structures as long as their draft angle is not lower than 25 degrees. The fewer support structures we need, the faster the building process is, which has positive impact on the cost level.

Support structures are made of the same material as the actual model. If designed properly, they can be easily removed from the part once the building process is over.



A model is metallurgically bonded with the building platform. Once the model is built, it has to be cut away from the platform by means of EMD machine of a saw.



A completely closed model makes it impossible to remove support structures as well as residual powder that was not melted during the process, which increases the weight of a part. That is why it is recommended to implement  a hole with a 0,5mm diameter.

how to prepare a file

Create your project in a 3D software:



Save it as .STP and .STL. file

CAUTION! When exporting files, one must pay special attention to proper parameters, so that the model has unchanged geometry. Below you will find information with regard to proper file conversion


Send us your projects together with the application form to: info@fado-design.com or via www.wetransfer.com

terms & conditions

§ 1 Contest Organizer

1. The Contest Organizer is FADO Sp. z o.o., with its registered office in Bydgoszcz at ul. Solna 7a 85-862 Bydgoszcz, hereinafter referred to as the Organizer.

2. The Contest has international character and is not limited to any specific territory.
3. Contest application period: from 14.03.2016 to 30.06.2016.

4. The Contest is organised on the basis of the following Terms & Conditions, and in accordance with the applicable laws.

5. Contest Terms & Conditions are available in the premises of the Contest Organiser and at www.fado-design.com

§ 2 Contest general information

I. Topic of the Contest:
Eyeglass frames built in DMLS technology (metal 3D printing)
II. We are looking for projects which showcase and bring out the immense potential of 3D printing in metal (stainless steel, titanium)
III. The submitted project must be a design that can be additively manufactured in DMLS technology.

§ 3 Participants

I. The contest is open to creative individuals and co-authors alike, in particular to art school pupils, students and independent artists.
II. Minors must be represented by a legal guardian.
III. In the case of participation of co-authors, the prize is to be shared evenly, unless the co-authors decide otherwise.
IV. Every contestant is entitled to submit more than one project.’
V. The Organizer, at any time of the Contest, is entitled to exclude the participant from the Contest (and refuse to award the participant), in the case the participant’s actions would run contrary to the following Terms & Conditions.

§4 Contest participation conditions

I. Contestants register for the contest by uploading their projects together with application form available in „download files” folder at www.fado-design.com.
II. Projects are to be attached to the Contestant application form in .STEP and .STL format together with at least 3 renderings of the final product. The application period closes on 30.06.2016.
III. The moment the project is submitted, the Organizer is granted the right to use the project for non-commercial purposes on every field of exploitation. These fields include, but are not limited to, the use of projects in all types of audiovisual and computer media as well as publications for advertising, information, promotion, marketing and training purposes.
IV. Submitting the application form means accepting the following terms and conditions.

§5 Project requirements:

I. Preparation of Eyeglass Frames design to be made in DMLS technology

II. The submitted project must be in line with the basic technical conditions in accordance with metal 3D printing design guidelines. If the abovementioned conditions are not met, the Organizer reserves the right to exclude the submitted work from the Contest.

III. Contestants are allowed to submit projects which have not taken part in any other Contests.

IV. The submitted projects will be verified and judged on the basis of:
– aesthetics and quality of work,
– suitability of the project for DMLS technology
V. FADO reserves the right to suggest changes and augmentations of the projects according to given guides, as well as the right to send the work back to the author with request for further improvements.

§ 6 Jury

1. The Jury consists of experts in the field of industrial design. A detailed description of the Jury members will be available at www.fado-design.com

2. The Jury shall make a decision not to give the main awards in the case the submitted projects do not meet the requirements described in § 5.

III. The Jury reserves the right not to give explanations to their verdicts.
IV. FADO reserves the right to change the members of jury.
V. The decision of Jury is final and Contestants are not entitled to appeal against it.

§ 7 Application period & requirements

I. Contest projects are to be sent via e-mail to info@fado-design.com

II. Required files:
– project files .STEP and .STL formats
– at least 3 renderings of the final product
– Filled in and scanned application form

III. Project can be submitted until 30.06.2016.
Works submitted after the deadline, or made by Contestants who do not meet the requirements presented in the following Terms & Conditions, as well as the works which do not meet the requirements presented in the following Terms & Conditions, especially lacking properly filled in documents or lacking full documentation shall be rejected by the Organizer.

§ 8 Awards

I. The Jury prize:
1st Place: 2.000 EURO to be utilized for realization of any chosen project/projects in DMLS technology at FADO, apprenticeship at FADO
2nd Place: 1.000 EURO to be utilized for realization of any chosen project/projects in DMLS technology at FADO, apprenticeship at FADO
3rd Place: 3D printed model of the author’s project, apprenticeship at FADO
II. Audience award:
Three contestants with the biggest number of votes will receive a 3D printed model of their projects
III. The number of commendations depends on the number of submitted projects.
IV. FADO reserves the right to change the number of distinguished projects, as well as not to award any contestants in the case of insufficient number of submitted projects.
V. The award must be fully utilized by a recipient within ninety (90) days after notice of the award is given by FADO to the recipient. An award will be considered “utilized” when an order is placed by the award recipient with FADO using the project submitted in connection with the Contest. Unused components of an award shall be forfeited and have no redeemable cash value.
VI. In the case the Organizer makes a decision to commercialize the project (sale the product) they will have the prevailing right to purchase the proprietary copyrights to manufacture the product or sign an exclusive licensing agreement. In such a case, the arrangements, including the remuneration for the author are to be concluded in a separate agreement.

§9 Results announcement

I. All submitted projects will be verified and evaluated by the Jury in accordance with the criteria given in § 5. The list of participants qualified for the next stage of the contest will be published on 31th August.  The date is a subject to change depending on the numer of submitted projects.
II. Three winners of the Contest will be chosen out of the Contestants selected to take part in the II stage. The Jury will announce the results no later than 30.09.2016.
III. Paralel to the Jury award, the Organizer will give Audience prize. The winner of the Audience award will be chosen from a group of distinguished participants on the basis of the number of votes collected in a survey at Facebook account of FADO Design. The voting will last from 31.08.2016 to 30.09.2016
IV. Information about the authors of selected works will be placed on FADO website, The winning Contestants will be also individually informed via e-mail or/and phone.
V. The Organizer reserves the right to grant additional, special prizes sponsored by the Organizer.

VI. Meeting all the requirements of Contest Terms & Conditions is a prerequisite for Contestants to be granted the award.

§ 10 Statement

A Project submission must meet the following requirements:
1.. It must be a design that can be additive manufactured in DMLS technology;
2. The design must be in the form of a 3D CAD model, and meet the upload requirements as set forth in the design guidelines;
3. The design must be entirely original to the applicant (an original creation is the product of one’s own mind created solely by the applicant, and is NOT a copy or imitation; modifying, enhancing or altering a third party’s preexisting work does not qualify as a applicant’s original creation);
4. The design must not infringe, misappropriate or violate any right of any third party, including, without limitation, patent, trade secret, copyright, trademark or other intellectual property or proprietary right, and must not incorporate or include anything that would require the consent of any third party for the use of the applicant’s Project pursuant to the rights granted to FADO by applicant.
5. The design must not be the subject of any actual or threatened litigation or claim;
6. The design must not have been previously published or have won any other award;

Compliance with all requirements shall be as determined by FADO in its sole discretion.

The applicant is fully responsible for any infringement of any copyrights or intellectual property rights of any third party that took place due to FADO’s realization or use of submitted works.
The applicant will be encumbered with the possible outcomes of copyrights, related rights as well as third party’s intellectual property rights infringement. FADO is entitled to direct its claims to the Applicant as the author of the project.
IV. In the case of any claims from third parties against FADO in the form of lawsuit for copyright infringement or FADO’s use of the project, the Applicant is obliged to join the judicial process and relieve FADO from all complainant’s claims as well as costs of the possible process or conciliatory negotiations regardless of the responsibility for inflicted damage.

§ 11 Other Conditions

I. FADO reserves the right to reproduce and use the submitted projects in full or in part for informational, marketing and/or promotional purposes connected with Contest promotion together with information about their authors.
II. Submission of a project means consent of the author to the use of his/her name and reproduction of their submitted work in promotional and informational events with regard to the Contest in any manner or media.
III. Contestants agree for processing their personal data for the purpose of the Contest realization as well as marketing needs. (as defined in the Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133, item 883)

IV. Joining the contest means accepting the present terms and conditions without reserve.

§ 12 Contact details

I. Further information about the Contest is given by FADO:
e-mail: info@fado-design.com
tel.: + 48 60 676 942